Friday, August 6, 2010

Non-Summer Travel Blues

I have done very little travel this summer. For the past few summers, I have gone on a few family weekend trips and at least one trip with my friends. I didn't realize how conditioned I was to think that summer means that it is time to travel! As I've mentioned previously, I do actually have a few travel plans for the fall and elected to pool my money toward those plans and turned down most of the travel plans offered up to me by both friends and family over the past few months. I even slowed down on visits to my hometown; it has been the norm for me to go home more frequently during the summer months since college. I didn't mind the idea of no summer travel at the beginining of the summer, but as the summer flies by (alarmingly fast might I add), I kind of wish I had some travel plans between now and the official end of the summer to look forward to. I might try to squeeze in a day trip somewhere close but that will be the extend of my travel until the fall. I love taking advantage of things going on locally, but personally, there is nothing like a nice trip (outside of the immediate area where you live) to look foward to.

Does anybody else that opted out of traveling this summer feel the non-travel blues as well?