Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Easy Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Walls

I have lived in my apartment for almost a year now and am a little embarrassed to say most of my walls are still pretty bare. So I have been thinking about ways to adorn my walls but not spend too much money. Everyone deserves to be surrounded by nice things while at home, but this is no reason to go over your budget. Here are a few ideas you might want to try:

Collages. If you are crafty and like to try easy projects, make a collage. You won’t have to spend a dime to do so if you have a cardboard box, old magazines, old newspapers, scissors and some glue or tape.
·Cut off a large piece of the box that will serve as your “canvas.”
·Peruse old magazines and newspapers for pictures for your collage. You can pick a theme like flowers or a color palate,or just use whatever strikes your fancy and cut it out. You can also pick out inspirational words or phrases or even use pictures of pets or loved ones to decorate your collage.
· After you have cut out all the items you want to use for your collage and arranged them on your piece of card board, glue or tape them on the cardboard.
·Let it dry and then hang your whole-made piece of art!

Frame cheap posters. Go to Allposters.com or the many stores out there that sell inexpensive posters. Buy a cheap frame from Target or even the Dollar Store and hang and enjoy!

Fabric. If you have a nice piece of fabric or cloth you can stretch it on to an inexpensive piece of painting canvas from an art supply store, or simply hang it on the wall unframed as decoration. If you don’t have fabric, buy a few yards at a fabric store, many styles are pretty inexpensive and this way, you can decorate a large or small way in one step.

Framed pictures from calendars. Tear out some pictures from your favorite old calendar and frame it.

Mirrors. Target, Ikea, and other stores with inexpensive home d├ęcor sell wall mirrors that are pretty inexpensive. This idea may work well for you if you have a small space you want to give the illusion of being larger.

Collections (hats, handbags, earrings. Etc.). Use hat collections, hangbags or scarves to decorate your walls. Just measure and hang. This could also be good conversation starters when you have company over.

I’m sure there are dozens of other ideas, but here are just a few ways to decorate you walls without spending a lot of money.