Friday, December 3, 2010

Phone Woes

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Recently while rushing out of the house, I dropped my iPhone (3G) and the screen cracked! This will teach me not to rush out of the door like that anymore...Prior to cracking my phone, it was in excellent condition and I've had no issues with it. I'm so bummed! I had no plans to purchase a new phone in the immediate future, but it looks like I won't have a choice. I'm going to manage with the cracked phone until the holidays are over and see how long I can use the phone with out difficulty with the cracked screen. I'm not sure if iPhone screens are replacable, I guess I'll investigate that too.

Have you had to make any unexpected technology replacement purchases recently?


Frugalista said...

im having to make a technology replacement very soon though not unexpected. i have a crappy razor that i despise and hubby insists i get an iphone. bummer about your phone. i know that sucks.

me in millions said...

you should do some googling. i know there is a way to replace the screen, but it should work for awhile even if it's cracked. it just won't be so pretty to look at :(

Anonymous said...

I know some people who have had their screen replaced. Check around for your local Mac Haus or something similar. I believe it was pretty expensive, though. Maybe $100--not as expensive as a new phone though!

areneelamb said...

you can have the screen replaced. should cost about $50-100, depending on who does it. Find a tech friend (or someone's boyfriend or husband) and ask if they know someone. They probably do.