Friday, May 22, 2009

Why I ignore trends when I go clothing shopping

I don't think you have to completely abando your style to meet financial goals, but I tend to ignore trends when I actually buy clothing for myself and here are the reasons why:

  • I don’t have the budget to keep up. I love fashion and style, but I’m a girl on a budget. I believe it’s possible to look stylish whatever your price-point, so my shopping excursions are normally relegated to stores like H&M, Zara, Target, and occasional trips to vintage stores for statement pieces. While I think certain trends looke fantastic on other people, I wouldn't necessarily purchase them myself. I mainly look at magazines for inspiration, and not with the idea that I will actually buy the triple strap ‘Iman’ Gucci sandals I’ve seen in several magazines this spring. Or the Prada clutch or Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt I admired on one of my favorite fashion blogs (I read an equal number of PF blogs and Fashion/Style blogs). Magazines in many ways give you an unattainable standard to live up to. Even celebrities wouldn’t actually buy all of the clothing they wear and promote; they get a lot of freebies. I’m learning to embrace quality over quantity though I have a long way to go to the classy minimalism that bloggers like Fabulously Broke in the City embrace.
  • Many trends don’t work on my body type and height. I am short, curvy and have a petite frame, therefore, MANY trends I see on fashion models that are several inches taller than me and have body proportions very different from my own simply won’t work. In fact, they’d probably look down right silly. You won’t catch me with any ‘harem pants’ on or leggings worn as pants (unless I’m around the house or running quick weekend errands). ‘Boyfriend’ jeans, and longish blazers are also items you can guarantee I won’t be purchasing. I am learning what works on my body and plan to stick to it when buying items. My favorite clothing items are dresses and skirts; mainly because they normally require very little alteration. This is a big factor for me because paying for clothing to be tailored can add up. For this reason learning how to sew is a definite goal for the near-future for me.
  • I don’t always want to look like everyone else. My growing love for vintage and thrift stores stems from being tired of looking like everyone else. There is definitely a place for “fast fashion” in my wardrobe (i.e. H&M) but if I take the time to hunt down a unique find in a thrift store or vintage store, I will be guaranteed that the girl sitting near me at a restaurant or bar won’t be wearing what I have on. My vintage items or ‘hand-me-downs’ often get me more complements than the latest item I bought from H&M anyway.

    Do you ignore trends or embrace them when you shop for yourself?


Anonymous said...

I don't really follow the trends. I basically buy pieces that fit in my personal style (which, somehow, ends up looking preppy, which isn't my intent...anyway). I basically buy what looks good on me, which ends up being a lot of polos, v-necks, and a few dressier blouses. In general, I don't even follow what the trends are. I'm all about relatively simple pieces, and will splash them up with cute jewelry.

I say buy what you're comfortable in, and what looks good on you. As you said, not everything looks good on everyone, so find what works and go for it!

Anonymous said...

I don't follow trends; I only buy a few pieces of clothing a year being a student. I guess I go for more classic (boring?) things that fit and look good on me. That being said, I finally did give in to skinny jeans/leggings eventually...they're really versatile and they suit my body shape!