Monday, May 4, 2009

May Goals

I won't be doing an April recap, because I didn't take the time to make goals for the month of April. I think my more productive months are when I set goals, and hold myself accountable for accomplishing them. So here are my May goals:
  1. Purchase textbooks for two summer courses. My classes start the week of May 26th, so I'll email my professors to verifiy what textbooks they want us to have because sometimes the bookstore at my school gets them confused. Then I'll try to find them as cheap as possible online.
  2. Start paying for summer graduate courses. I didn't factor in taking two summer courses when I applied for financial aid last year, so I have to pay off my balance. I originally planned to take one class at a time, but realize I need to step this up to ensure I graduate next year. I was contemplating taking three but just can't swing that financially and also don't want to be overwhelmed with school work on top of my full-time job, which will have several projects in progress over the summer also.
  3. Exercise 3 times a week (and visit the gym a minimum of three times this month). I have been embassassingly inactive over the past few weeks. I do walk everywhere I go since public transportation is my only means of getting around, but I need to do something aerobic.
  4. Complete/mail passport application. I should have done this ages ago. I don't plan on traveling internationally until 2010, but I need to get this out of the way before I really need it.
  5. Formally ask one person to be my mentor. This has been put on and taken off of my goal list before, but I am going to do this for real this time. I really want to grow in my professional skills this year, and having a mentor is one way I'd like to do this.
  6. Schedule vacation days for the summer. I know I have at least one family trip and I need to look at the calendar and plot all of the days I will need off this summer.

There aren't any monetary goals this month, but I hope to have some concrete monetary goals for the month of June.