Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finding Debt a Bigger Hurdle Than Bar Exam

I found this recent New York Times article interesting and wonder how many other people are having trouble fulfilling career goals because of student loan debt:

All his life, Robert Bowman wanted to be a lawyer. He overcame a troubled childhood, a tragic accident that nearly cost him a leg and a debilitating Jet Ski collision.

He put himself through community college, worked and borrowed heavily to help pay forcollege, graduate school and even law school. He took the New York bar examination not once, not twice, not three times, but four, passing it last year. Finally, he seemed to be on his way.

In January, the committee of New York lawyers that reviews applications for admission to the bar interviewed Mr. Bowman, studied his history and the debt he had amassed, and called his persistence remarkable. It recommended his approval.

But a group of five state appellate judges decided this spring that his student loans were too big and his efforts to repay them too meager for him to be a lawyer.


FB @ said...

I read that and felt so bad for the guy :(

He COULD get out of debt and he should be given the chance at least, instead of judging a person as a professional based on his debt.

Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

I know! I hope there will be a follow-up story stating that his situation is resolved. We all know debt can hold you back from your goals, but this is an extreme. Let this be a cautionary tale against major amount of student loan debt.