Friday, September 25, 2009

Exercises in lowering beauty costs

I decided to get my hair done at my local Aveda Institute instead of my usual hair salon to save some money. I have really been limiting hair salon visits to just going when I need a trim, but I would like to get my hair done a bit more frequently. So I am exploring lower cost options other than just doing it myself. This was my first experience in getting my hair done by a student in training rather than at a salon, and here is a brief summary of my experience:

  • I had a very short wait before my student/stylist introduced herself to me, served me tea and had a brief conversation about how I'd like my hair done. Her instructor also came over and introduced herself and basically explained that she was there to provide instruction to the student/stylist if necessary.
  • The student/stylist was very friendly but did not know how to do what I thought was pretty simple style request and needed ALOT of assistance from her instructor and even a fellow student. This may not be true for every student, but was my experience during my visit.
  • It took twice as long to get my hair done than it usually takes at my usual salon; but how was I to know I would get a newer, less experienced student? My wait at my usual salon is usually because my stylist is working with multiple clients, but this student literally took HOURS to do my hair with no other clients.
  • I did like the fact that the student explained each product she used on my hair and what products she had used on her own hair without prompting because I've had to specifically ask this in the past at other salons that I've been to.
  • The cost was $23 (plus tip) versus the $50+ per visit I usually pay to get my hair done.
The considerable cost difference makes it tempting to visit Aveda again, but I'm not completely abandoning my regular stylist anytime soon. I'll just continue to go when I need a trim only. I also don't know if I would feel comfortable getting chemical treatments like hair color done by a student. But I would like to try some of the Institute's spa services (manicure, massages, facials) at a future visit. Beauty shouldn't be a budget buster, but I think everyone feels better when they feel they look their best. Allowing a cosmetology student at a reputable school to do your hair is a lower cost option to try out as long as you're willing to be patient (and friendly) to the student doing your hair.


Jane said...

I am in DC as well and I heard about the Aveda Institute and has been meaning to check it out. I am thinking of a trim ($25!) to try them out first before doing highlights and a perm.

A Day in the Life of Mocha said...

I have always thought about doing this but I am a little nervous..

Maybe I will try a simple roller set..:-)

Thanks, chica