Monday, October 12, 2009

Swapping books and other goods with my neighbors

There are many reasons why I love my neighborhood here in DC. One of them is the informal book swapping that I do among my neighbors. On weekends that we have nice weather, I find that my neighbors leave boxes of books they no longer want on their doorsteps for anyone to take. Recently I discovered some pretty good books this way such as Fast Food Nation, a few romance novels, and some national bestsellers by authors I've never heard of but that look very promising. I love to read, but I've forced myself to go the library when I want a book to read or occasionally when a book isn't available at the library, I buy books used on So free books are even better, than inexpensive used books or library books because they cost no money and I don't have to remember to return them before they are due or risk fees.

I've even found small pieces of furniture in perfect condition on weekend walks around my neighborhood. I've brought items home such as: a barely used small bookshelf, a wooden chair and a nice large basket. I've even seen larger furniture items like bed frames that I simply didn't need, but were in great condition. I always clean and disinfect everything I bring in the house, but I have absolutely no problem with taking people's stuff they no longer want off their hands! The stuff I've seen people throw away is usually not junk and I'm sure they know when they leave it on the sidewalk that someone will take it before the trash people come to take the unwanted items away. It's also environmentally friendly to encourage reuse of books and furniture items.

On Sunday morning, I decided to leave my own box of books I know I'll never read again (mostly mysteries and romance novels), and they were all taken by the end of the day. It's my small way of returning the favor and encouraging my neighbors to keep the goodwill of book and furniture swapping going.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I wish my neighborhood did that! I guess I could start it!

me in millions said...

Umm... that's completely awesome. What neighborhood is that?