Thursday, March 18, 2010

I LOVE Apple Products But I Won’t Be Buying an iPad Anytime Soon

I love Apple products and have been an Apple Macbook and iPhone user for the past two years and an iPod user for the past several years. But I don’t plan to purchase an iPad anytime soon. Here are a few reasons why:
  1. I like to support my local library, hey it’s free! Even if I were to be given an iPad, I’d still have to pay for applications, books and music to put on the iPad. Why would I do that when I can go to my local library and get several books (and movies or music) for free? I try to support libraries because I believe they add value to neighborhoods and are a source of free entertainment for those who may not be able to afford it or are like me and would rather spend their money on other things.

  2. I like to swap books. I enjoy swapping books with friends, neighbors or on websites like Paperback Swap. I like the idea that other people can enjoy my books after I’m finished reading them. I guess this could also be considered a 'green' way of getting books as well.

  3. I have other financial obligations that are more important than another ‘toy.’ I have bills to pay, savings goals to meet and a seemingly never-ending case of ‘wanderlust.’ So I’d rather spend my money on any of those things rather than an ipad.
  4. My current technology products serve me just fine. I honestly have all of the technology products I need at the moment. I don’t need an iPad anymore more than I need a new camera or anything else. Of course I see things that look ‘cool’ but I don’t NEED any other technology to improve my quality of life. I could probably do with subtracting something because sometimes I think I'm too 'plugged in' and accessible. Can any other iPhone (or other Smart Phone) users relate to that feeling?

So, do you think an iPad or any type of book reader on the market fulfills your technology needs enough to actually purchase it?


Keith Morris said...

LOL. I've been telling myself that I would wait it out. Maybe in a year when they refresh the hardware, I could pick one up. Funny thing is, last night I had a dream that I owned one. It's true. Steve Jobs was in the dream too. Maybe I shouldn't admit this publicly.

Keith Morris

Anonymous said...

I love Apple too! (except I don't own an iPhone) I won't buy the iPad because I'm cheap when it comes to things like that. Thats why I didn't buy the iPhone because I thought it would be lots of money to buy appt.. My Macbook and iPod don't need appt,lol...just music! Which I'm okay with buying.

And I like the paper feel of books. I look writing on pages, or marking pages with post it tabs or cool bookmarks.

Gracey Loo said...

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Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...
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