Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Keep Cost Per Wear In Mind When Doing Summer Shopping

If you live somewhere along the East coast like I do, you have probably experienced some nice (but hot weather!) for the past few days. A change in seasons (or drastic temperature fluctuations) usually make me think of what gaps exist in my closet that I'd like to fill, I'm sure others can relate. But before you go out and make a summer appropriate purchase on your next pay day, keep in mind how much wear you will actually get out of the item you'd like to purchase. I'm not a 'math person,' but even I can remember this relatively simple formula:

Item cost /Times worn = Cost per wear

I don't really NEED any clothing and I'm an accessories girl anyway, so it's easiest for me to think of something I'd actually want: a cognac colored bag is currently on the top of my wish list. But I've only seen inexpensive versions from big box retailers that I am pretty certain won't last beyond a season or two, so my wish is still indeed just a wish. So if I purchase a bag for $100 and wear it 100 times over the year, then the cost per wear for the shoes would be around $1.00. You can use the cost per wear concept for other purchases, but for me, it applies most to clothing/accessories. I do afterall have a strong interest in style and strive to spend less than I earn. I also implement the 'remix rule' which I've mentioned before on this blog. If I can't think of at least 3-4 ways to 'remix' an item before purchasing it, then I usually put it back on the shelf (or virtual shopping cart). Your closet should be filled with 'work horses' that will stand the test of time and can be worn in multiple ways. If I can't create ways to wear an item without other supporting purchases (shirt to match pants, shoes to match belt, etc), then I don't buy it.

What are some of your shopping rules?


Anonymous said...

I have never thought about it like that. I haven't been really buying many things lately. Besides some burberry rain boots!! It rained from January on,and it's raining next week, yay! So I will get use out of them. I need to consider the ways to wear something or the potential times that I may wear something...other wise I end up buying it and selling it at a consignment store 5 months later. A waste of money!