Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Dance for Annual Salary Increases

I recently received my annual salary increase which should be reflected in my next paycheck. I accordingly increased my retirement contribution to my 403b so I will still be meet the minimum threshold to be eligible to receive a 'match' contribution from my company. I really try not to increase my 'lifestyle expenditures' when I receive salary increases and allocate the money to different pots and pretend like the increase doesn't exist. I'm not the only one that needs the incentive of these little mental tricks, right?

My increase was actually reflected a bit late this year, so I will receive a small windfall from retroactive pay from my new salary. This small windfall will go straight to my travel fund which I’m still in the process of beefing up for my fall travel plans. This small windfall and annual increase called for a brief happy dance which I did during the day yesterday when no one was watching. Hey, I need to work exercise into my daily routine anyway and every little bit counts right? : )


Frugalista said...

Hooray for raises! Especially in this economy. I usually end up with some new bill or bill increase or SOMETHING that eats up my raise.

Anonymous said...

Yay for pay rises! It's great that you're directing the money towards your future :-)

Medicaidaire said...

Lalala, if you're not in my checking account I don't know you exist! :P

This is actually even more disciplined than it looks (and therefore more impressive!) because with inflation you're actually living off a slightly LESSER income than you were the year before. So extra-big kudos to you!

Christine said...

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