Thursday, June 5, 2008

20 (Random) Questions

As a person who grew up reading Vibe Magazine, here is my version of 20 questions:

  1. Why do some retail stores wrap your clothing in tissue paper wasting tons of paper every day?
  2. Why isn’t nap time built into the work day like it was in nursery school (I know I'm more productive after a 'power' nap)?
  3. Why isn’t personal finance taught at the elementary school level, so children won’t grow up to make the same financial mistakes as their parents?
  4. Why is food that is healthier for you more expensive?
  5. Why don’t more people take public transportation instead of driving since gas is so expensive now?
  6. Why don’t I have more to show in my bank account for the two years I have been in the working world?
  7. Will I have enough money saved to live comfortably when I am ready to retire?
  8. Why am I now addicted to reading and blogging about personal finance?
  9. Why has it been raining so much in the Mid-Atlantic region – is global warming to blame?
  10. Why does it often cost so much money to be social?
  11. Why aren’t teachers paid more for educating youth that will lead America and the global community in the future?
  12. How long will it take me to pay off my student loans and credit card debt?
  13. What will my life be like 20 years from now?
  14. Who will be the next President of the United States?
  15. What do I want to be when I ‘grow-up’?
  16. Why are American’s so obsessed with gossip about celebrities?
  17. Should I spend the money to take a writing workshop this summer?
  18. Should I get a pet (cat or dog) this year?
  19. Does anybody actually read this blog (except me) lol?
  20. Will I still be checking my Facebook profile 5 years from now?

Do you have a random question you'd like answered?


Forest said...

5. I looked into taking the bus when I got my new job, but it would take almost 40 minutes longer than my drive. Plus, I like knowing I can be on my own schedule.
6. I sometimes wonder the same thing after four years in the real world.
8. It is addicting, isn't it?
18. I would like a dog someday.
19. I'm reading and enjoying it.