Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Spending

In an effort to monitor my spending better, I will start tracking my weekend/weekday spending. Here’s the breakdown for the weekend.

--$8.76 lunch
--$28.18 household cleaning items
--$26.73 Groceries
--$8.00 Bottle of wine to take to an Obama House Meeting (I don’t like to go to people’s house empty handed)
--$4.00On Demand movie
--$15.00 Watermelon, etc.

Total: $86.67

Overall I didn’t spend that much over the weekend considering I haven’t bought food/housegoods in a while, but that is mainly because I didn’t go too many places over the weekend. Next weekend's spending will be higher because of the holiday and due to the fact that I am pretty sure I will be traveling to Philly. I've lived in DC 6 years including college and I still haven't spent a 4th of July weekend here...don't really have a desire to either.

I am kind of proud of myself because I foolishly went in H&M (my budget kryptonite is inexpensive, cute clothing) on Friday after work and though I saw some cute skirts (on sale) I didn’t buy anything. I do still want to buy a few more summer clothing items, but they can wait until I replenish the money I used from my Emergency Fund while out of town in New Orleans for work.


Money Maus said...

Great job on the weekend spending - and NOT buying anything at H&M, which is always hard for me, too! :)