Thursday, September 25, 2008

I won’t let the country’s economic woes get me down

America’s dire economic situation is being discussed endlessly on all major news outlets these days and though I found economics to be very interesting even before the economic crisis and this week’s recent events, I am seriously thinking about limiting my daily business/economic news intake. I have so much to be thankful for, and its time I start focusing on those things instead of all the negativity in the media. Here are a few things I am thankful for:

  • I’m paying off my debt and saving money which will only help me in the long run;
  • I am young, healthy, and gainfully employed with a decent, livable wage;
  • I have many personal and financial goals to look forward to achieving in the future;
  • I have a great friendships and a family that loves and supports me;
  • The small amount of money I have invested in retirement in the two years I have been working won’t be needed for a few decades, so there is no need for me to stress about their balances and what the market is doing to them at this time;
  • I am obtaining a graduate degree which will increase my earning potential over my lifetime;
  • I only have me to worry about. I don’t currently have dependents (children, aging relatives, pets), so I can live without things that others may deem necessary such as a car. I can count on one hand the amount of times I turned on my air conditioner this year, I personally prefer fresh air and fans when its gets really steamy. If I get cold in the winter, I put on a sweater instead of blasting the heat to keep my energy costs down. I actually like food that costs less but is still nutritious like rice with beans and veggies. Now if I could only bring myself to live without cable…

I do admit to a weakness for shoes and clothing, but I’m working on that. Overall, I have a lot to be thankful for, and I don’t plan to let the country’s economic woes get me down. So don’t let them get you down either!


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right! I've been listening to the news all morning at my desk and its really depressing! I have a lot of the same things on my positives list - its a good thing to focus on in all of this turmoil..

About the shoes and clothing...I'm on a no shopping spree until March 15th if you care to join :)

YBP said...

great post.. all i have been doing lately is watching CNN... talk about depressing!

Money Maus said...

I completely agree with you! Wonderful post - and, as you might have read in my blog, I also like shoes/clothing :)

Shana said...

I agree 100%. I have decided to limit the amount of news I am taking in on a daily. But, don't forget our presidential election is tonight and we must watch to see how these two candidates (if they both show) can help to alleviate the economic stress. We need to stay on top of the economic situation (in small doses) lol Hope all is well with you and can't wait to visit in November!