Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Spending

Lunch - 5.52
Marshall's (2 sweaters and a candle) - 68.86
Target (yoga mat) - 9.60

Coffee, egg sandwich, tea - 7.07
Ice cream - 2.74

Donuts - 1.96
Groceries - 66.72

TOTAL - 162.47

It's just way too convenient to live walking distance from a Dunkin' Donuts, I was in there twice over the course of the weekend...

I have no explanation for my purchases at Marshall's on Friday except that when you are petite and find clothing in your size, sometimes you just have to go for it...on another note, I'm adding 200.00 to savings this week.


Leigh said...

$162 is terrific. You should see the amount of money I spend on crap. Maybe you can get me on a budget too....please!

Money Maus said...

I love Marshall's! It is my new favorite (cheap!) place to shop. I have bought a few decoration items for my apartment there, but have yet to take a thorough look at the clothes. I am also petite so I know how it goes with buying clothes, too! Just gotta buy it - and sometimes in more than one color! ;)