Monday, November 10, 2008

November Goals

The month of October flew by, It is hard to believe its over. I know its 10 days into the month, but now is the time to set my goals for the month:
  1. Choose holiday gifts for my immediate family. I have a self imposed budget of $150 for gifts this year. I will load a Visa gift card with this amount and once its gone, I'm done shopping. This amount does not include my mother's gift which is also a very belated birthday present, so will be pricer than every other gift I purchase. I'm open to any home made gift ideas any one might have!
  2. Purchase holiday cards for friends and family members and mail them.
  3. Register for Winter/Spring 2009 grad school classes after talking with my advisor. Price textbooks which will be purchased in December.
  4. Put in request for any time I will need off from work for the rest of the year.
  5. Go to the gym a minimum of once a week. There are a few classes I want to try out including this dance inspired workout called Zumba.
  6. Attend a minimum of one professional or networking event. Meet a minumum of at least three people at any event I attend and keep in touch with them (via email).
  7. Formally ask at least one person I admire professionally to mentor me. Set up expectations both ways so this can be a mutually beneficial relationship.
I decided to scrap my goals from last month because I did not make progress on many of them. In debt repayment news, I should have my Discover card paid off by next month! When the balance is zero, I will re-focus on paying down my Visa card.