Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Spending

It’s been way too long since I’ve done a weekend spending log. I plan to do better with that in the upcoming weeks when my spending has the potential to get really out of hand because of the holidays, so I have to be vigilant about keeping track. I didn’t spend all that much money over the weekend. Spending the last several Friday evenings in my 8-week class really does a good job of curbing my Friday spending. I have a bad habit of shopping after work on Fridays and I have not been able to do that. I know I am probably the last person, but I finally saw Iron Man over the weekend and it was pretty good. Movies come and go so fast, sometimes it’s just easier to wait until I can rent it. I attended a jewelry party over the weekend and purchased a pair of silver earrings for $20 which was the amount I allotted myself to spend at the party. There was also a woman selling handbags and another giving henna tattoos, but I opted out of both of those purchases because I really didn’t want to spend anymore money. I made an online credit card payment of $100 over the weekend also, but I didn’t count that into my total because it won’t clear for another day or so.

Movie Rental $4.00
iTunes album download $11.00

Earrings $20.00
Groceries $33.00
Metro fare $3.00

Eyebrow shaping $10.00
Window shopping for gift ideas...FREE

TOTAL: 81.00


Money Maus said...

You had a pretty good weekend! :)

fdiary said...

Looks like you spend the most amount of money on food. I just when shopping for Thanksgiving and man, food is high as hell!! Cheese is so expensive, potatoes, I mean food prices are just out the roof and I shop at the discount food stores like Walmart and Aldi's and I'm still crying about how much I have to spend for food. First it was gas and now that the gas prices have gone done alittle big, they raise the food prices because they know people are buying alot more food for the Holiday. Just can't catch a break!

FruGal said...

fdiary I know what you mean! I was looking at turkeys in the supermarket on the weekend and free rangers were all around the £40 mark!!!

Good for you for sticking to your allocated spending at the party :)

Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

Yes, since I take my lunch almost everyday to work, I spend a fair amount on food. But I guess it saves me money in the long run b/c eating out for every lunch would be very expensive!

I am very proud of mydelf for not going overboard at the jewelry party b/c I love jewelry...well really any type of accessory.