Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February Goals

I let the whole month of January go by without setting goals, so I have to make up for that this month:

  1. File taxes. There is no reason to procrastinate on doing this since I got already have my paperwork together.
  2. Apply for one freelance job. I will start searching freelance job sites for writing opportunities. I need to start generating alternate streams of income.
  3. Make one new dish. I am very good at bringing leftovers for lunch everyday and my Starbucks trips are less frequent than last year, but I am tired of eating the same dishes. It's time to crack open a cook book and try to make something new.
  4. Go to the gym more often. I don't want to set myself up to fail so I won't set how many times to go, just as long as I go more often than I did last month.
  5. Stay on top of my reading for class. My eyes tend to glaze over when I crack open my Managerial Economics textbook, but I need to make myself do all of the reading before class each week.


Money Maus said...

I agree with #1 for me. And I am always trying to make new dishes (I do about 2-3 a month now especially since I got cookbooks for Christmas!)... good luck with all your goals. :)

fdiary said...

I'm with you on the going to the gym. I renew my membership 2 weeks ago and have not made it to the gym yet!!