Thursday, February 12, 2009

Have You Pulled Your Credit Scores Recently?

I normally pull my credit report and check my credit scores at least once a year. Since I am not moving or making a major purchase in the immediate future which would require credit, I don't think I need to pull them more often than that. But in this tough economy, it doesn't hurt to know where you stand.

I decided to pull both my credit scores and credit reports this week after hearing through the personal finance blogosphere and regular news outlets that beginning February 14th Experian; one of the three major credit bureaus will no longer offer FICO scores based on its data through Fair Issac Corp.'s FICO scores based on data from two other credit bureaus, Equifax Inc. and TransUnion LLC, will still be available through the Web site. This is very disappointing information and I wonder if this is a permanent situation or will be resolved in the future.

My credit scores are higher than they were when I checked them last year, and if I had to use credit, for a car loan for example, I would be able to get a reasonable rate. Though I have credit card balances and student loans, I always pay on time. I am sure as I continue to pay my credit cards down (and have a lower utilization of available credit), my credit card score will be impacted and rise a little more.

Have you pulled your credit reports or scores recently?


Shopping Golightly said...

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