Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I May Take A Weekend Trip In June

My friend asked me the other day of I'd like to take a long weekend trip to Las Vegas in June. I am seriously considering it (I'm 85% sure I'll go). I don't plan to take any major trips this year so this might be the second (My NYC birthday day trip was the first) of a few long weekend trips I'll take between now and the end of the year. My friend has taken charge of finding us the best deal (trip planning is not my forte...). Here is a tentative budget:


Hotel -$150

Food-$100 (I'm not a big eater or alcohol drinker)

Spending Money/Sightseeing-$200

Misc Transportation (Taxis, Airport Shuttle)-$100

TOTAL -$900

After more research is done, I'll see if this budget is realistic. The goal is to put the money together for this trip without touching my emergency fund, because a traveling jones is really not an emergency...


Refinnej said...

Hey, I am not trying to totally advertise my sight at all... it's pure coincedence. I started a blog awhile ago called It's pretty sparse since I haven't had the budget to go as much as I would like these days. Check it out for my vegas tips...I love Las Vegas and am pretty passionate about it. You can also email me for specific personal tips you may have.