Thursday, April 9, 2009

My 1st Year of Blogging

I've been kind of swamped with school and work lately and realized a little belatedly that I've been blogging for a year now. April 4th of 2008 was my first post on Small Budget, Big Style. Blogging has made me think more seriously about my finances and I've gained a lot of inspiration from reading some of the excellent personal finance blogs out there (see my blog roll for my regualr reads). On the personal and financial front, since I started this blog:
  1. I continued to contribute to my 403b through my job.
  2. I recently met my short term emergency fund goal ($3,000).
  3. I've paid off credit card debt, but still have a ways to go before its eliminated completely.
  4. Started graduate school part time.
  5. Started to set aside money to open a Roth IRA.
Blogging has also been an effort to write on a regular basis. My focus has not been on my finances lately, but I plan to pay more attention to my financial goals so I can see real, measureable progress by the end of the year. I appreciate all of the nice comments I've received over the past year and appreciate those that have me on their blog rolls (If anyone wants to trade blog links, please leave a comment or email me). I look foward to bringing more frequent, thoughtful content and positive financial progress updates very soon.


Money Maus said...

Happy blogiversary! :)