Monday, April 27, 2009

Things that make me happy, but don't cost me money

  1. Having a good laugh with a friend over something silly (can't be serious all the time).
  2. Spending time with my family (my biological fam and people I've claimed as family over the years).
  3. Figuring out a new way to wear something I already had in my closet.
  4. Sunny days.
  5. Hot cups of green tea (all year-round, I'm weird like that).
  6. Seeing progress toward goals.
  7. Finding a DVD at the library that I wanted to see for a while.
  8. Unexpectedly seeing a friend in a random place or setting.
  9. Riding (I don't drive much) through Rock Creek Park (in DC) or Fairmount Park (in Philly) on a sunny Spring day with the windows down.
  10. Hearing my favorite song of the moment on the radio.


Money Maus said...

I love these!

And I agree with hot green tea all year round. :) My favorite is the Costco brand!!

J. Money said...

Ooooh good list! Esp. for the summer time too. LOVE blaring music from my car while driving w/ windows down and a nice breeze floating let's make this rain go away so we can actually start enjoying it :)