Monday, August 10, 2009

Living in the moment

Do any other twenty-somethings have a difficult time living in the moment and instead of focusing on the next big goal? I do! Always at the edge of my mind are:
  • The day when I can afford buy my own house (more specifically, condo)
  • The day when I complete my graduate degree
  • The day when I pay off ALL of my student loans
  • The day when I have one year of living expenses saved up
  • The day when I meet less important savings goals like saving up for my first car (yes, I've been out of college three years now and still haven't yet gotten a car-it's a want, not a need for my current lifestyle)
  • The day when I can afford to take an international trip on a whim
  • The day when I get married
  • The day when I start my own family
  • The day when I can afford to retire
  • The day when I publish a novel
  • I could go on and and on....
But the journey is sometimes just as important as the destination, and I am trying to remember that instead of focusing on the "next big thing." There are some great things about the point I am in my life right now and it's time for me to take a breath and just...enjoy!


DogAteMyFinances said...

You know this is so true. I've even done some of those, and I just think about the next one.

There will always be another goal.

me in millions said...

Amen! I feel like I'm just waiting for my real life to begin. When I have that high paying job and a husband and a little one (or two!) at home. Where we own our own place that is perfectly decorated and I can afford an occasional luxury or trip. I'm trying to focus on the present, but it's so hard to do when so many people I know are starting on their next big thing.

Lady Dove aka Pheralyn Dove said...

I totally agree with you. We should "live in the moment," AND express gratitude. There is always something we can be thankful for in the Present that will help lead us to our goals for the Future. So thanks for giving us a reason to pause and "enjoy." This is a great post.

eemusings said...

Yes, couldn't have said it better myself!