Friday, October 23, 2009

Holiday Shopping Count Down

I have no idea what I'll be buying for Christmas gifts this year, but I know the holiday season is approaching fast, so I need to start setting aside money for my expenses. I'd like to purchase all of my gifts from artisans on Etsy, local small businesses and my favorite weekend haunt because I feel that I give enough of my money to big-box retailers for the rest of the year. My budget for gift purchases is $200 which I will take out of my paychecks for the month of November. I don't normally start buying gifts until late November/early December anyway. I will put half of my saved amount on a Visa giftcard for any online purchases I make and use cash for the other half. Now that I have a spending plan, I'll start looking around for inspiration for gifts.


FB @ said...

Ditto. If I buy gifts, it's usually thoughtful, independent gifts... Etsy is my crack