Friday, October 30, 2009

Closet organization without spending money

It's time to organize my closet. A more organized closet will make for better wardrobe remixing. I explained the meaning of wardrobe remixing in this post. I need to weed out clothing and accessories I really don't use and organize what I have for ease of use. Lately, I have found myself digging for a particular clothing item to finish off an outfit only to give up in frustration and wear something else totally different because I can't find said clothing item. If I'm really honest with myself, I know I don't NEED and more clothing or accessories. I just need to better utilize what I have. I'm going to use items I already have lying around my apartment to group, separate and organize my closet. So here are a few ideas I plan to implement:
  • Decorate old boxes with wrapping paper to organize out of season clothes. I can't bring myself to spend money on storage boxes, so I'll use boxes I already have stored away to house out-of-season clothes. To make the boxes look better, I'll wrap them in wrapping paper I save for gifts and use index cards to label them. I've done this before with shoe boxes to house bills and records and it's an easy, cheap way to make them look uniform. Labeling them also ensures that I can easily know what's in the boxes without opening them.
  • Magazine holders to store small handbags and clutches. My smaller handbags and clutches tend to get thrown in the top of my closet and it takes time to look for them when I actually need them. Organizing them so I can actually SEE them when I open my closet is a much more functional way to operate.
  • Baskets to store make-up. It's about time for me to go through my make-up and weed out items that are too old to use. After I do this, I will place make-up in small baskets I have lying around. I will also throw away ratty make-up brushes and store the ones I use up-right in cups.
  • Glasses, tea pots and cups to store jewelry. I have cups, tea sets and china that can be used to store some smaller pieces of jewelry like earrings and smaller necklaces.
  • Hangers to store tights and stockings. I've acculumated a large amount of colored and printed tights over the last few seasons since my go-to clothing items are skirts and dresses. Storing tights on hangers ensures that I can actually find the tights I want to wear to coordinate my outfits. I can't find the exact post, but got this idea from this fab style blogger.
I also joined a clothing swap Meet-up group in my area and hope that items I no longer wear but are still in good condition can be swapped with someone else and given a new home.

Do you have any other inexpensive ways to organize your closet?


FB @ said...

I hang my tights, and my tanks/camisoles too (two straps together on one part of the hanger)

It's so much easier to grab it than to pull it off a shelf or to remove it from a hanger with the straps on both sides

The magazine holder for clutches is a good idea

I tend to just group them together and put them in another purse so it's easy to rifle through them