Monday, December 14, 2009

Good customer service means a lot to me

I've worked several customer service jobs in me teen and young adult years, so good customer service means a lot to me. After working a string of retail jobs and seeing alternately how extremely kind and appallingly rude people can be, it makes me think twice about how I spend my money on services. Take for instance this past weekend. I set an appointment at a hair salon in my neighborhood that I had never patronized before. It was walking distance from my apartment so I was able to arrive exactly on time. When I got into the shop, no one greeted me and I sat for 10 minutes before I was acknowledged and was told that it would be another few minutes before someone would start on my hair. I continued to sit and thumbed though a magazine in the seating area. I sat for another 20 minutes and after someone else came AFTER me and was taken right away, I decided to just leave. I didn't need my hair done that badly to be mistreated and then pay my hard-earned money. So maybe the woman that came in after me was a regular and the stylist that was doing her hair was different from the person who I assumed was doing mine, but I still felt like the customer service was shoddy. I've been in shops where I've waited no more than 10 minutes before someone started my hair and they were very apologetic for keeping me waiting. I think I'll be going backto the Aveda Institute for my next hair appointment.


Ann said...

Absolutely! I would have done the same - and I've walked out of nail salons as well because I was never greeted and was left to wait. I consider myself a good, patient customer but there are limits! Especially when spending my hard earned doe! :)