Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I don't love money, I just love the freedom it gives me

I had a really random conversation with a fellow Metro train rider last night after leaving a blogger happy hour that My Pretty Pennies described today . I came to the conclusion during this conversation that I don't love money, I just love the freedom that it gives me. My fellow Metro rider, whose name I didn't catch during our brief convo saw me reading a book about money and the law of attraction I found at my local library. Now before some of you roll your eyes about my reading choice, while I am a bit skeptical about some of the things in the book, I believe that the major theme; thinking positively to reach your goals or "attract" them to yourself is very valid.

Now back to the conversation, here is a paraphrase of the conversation:

Fellow Metro rider: "So do you believe in this stuff *pointing
to my book*, that you can attract money?"

Me: In a way, yes, I believe that having positive, affirmative thoughts are important in reaching goals including attracting money. But it also takes concerted effort, it's not magic."

Fellow Metro rider: "Do you want to attract money?"

Me: "I really want to attract what money offers, which is freedom. I'm not money-hungry, or obsessed with it. I want the freedom to pursue my dreams that being financially comfortable offers. It would also allow me to give back to others in some way.

Fellow Metro rider: "So money can bring happiness?

"I believe money can make the physical aspects of living easier and sometimes more fun. But happiness to me comes from personal fulfillment and is more so determined by emotions than material stuff."

Fellow Metro rider: You would never know that some people have money.

*Followed by a brief tangent about Warren Buffett and how unassuming he is despite his wealth.*

Me: "Well this is my stop. Nice talking to you! *Hand-shake*

Fellow Metro rider: "You too!"
I can say a lot of (good and bad) things about taking public transportation in DC, but I always meet interesting people. I once had a random conversation about the poet Rumi with a fellow rider who saw me reading the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I have the feeling that if I had rode a while longer with fellow rider, he would have launched into some sales pitch about a product he was selling or something; people that start random conversations with me about wealth and money usually do, but I could be wrong, I'll never know...

Have you had any interesting (or random) conversations about money lately?


me in millions said...

I will be at the next HH... I hope. And I kind of believe the law of attraction a little bit too.

eemusings said...

In fact, I did just the other night, with my oldest friend and her mother. (I ended up a little teary. Eeek). Basically I came away with their advice that concentrating on a lack of anything (money, health) will not solve the problem. I might have to check out that book.

Forest said...

I haven't had any conversations lately, but I have definitely had the it's not about money, it's about freedom talk.

A lot people assume that I LOVE money because I think about it, talk about it and blog about it :) but really, it's the possibility of freedom that I love.

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