Thursday, December 18, 2008

Does it Make Sense to Cut My Landline and Use Skype?

I'm trying to cut the fat in my spending for 2009 and I am seriously considering cutting my land line and using Skype instead. Cutting my landline would save me about $30 per month. I only have the landline because my cellphone has terrible service in my apartment, so I need another phone talking option for when I am in the house. I get crystal clear reception just about everywhere else, my phone even works on the subway...go figure. I'm not switching cell phone carriers until my contract is up, because it seems like an unnecessary expense to pay to change it before then. According to their website, Skype has a plan where you can make unlimited to any phones in the US & Canada for $2.95 per month. This plan has no long-term contracts and no connection fees. Skype allows you to purchase a 12-month online number. An online number lets people call you from a regular phone at their local rates.

Does anybody want to weigh in on whether they think this is a good idea? Or have other suggestions?