Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Goals

I didn't manage to set goals for the month of October, but that will be remedied this month. I didn't make any goals last month, mainly because I wasn't strongly feeling the 'intention' I knew it would take to achieve them, but I'm feeling more motivated this month, so here they go:
  1. Blog more regularly. I love blogging and I need to put myself back on a somewhat regular blogging schedule as I did when I first started this blog. Thoughtful posts take time, energy and inspiration. My plan is to outline what I'll write about each week for this blog and my other blog. I'll then post three times a week. Writing about style has become a passion over the last several months, but writing about my spending and meeting my financial goals helps to keep me accountable. Writing posts on both blogs should allow me to indulge in both interests if I actually plan out my time better.
  2. Exercise 3 times per week. I need to get back on track with exercising on a regular basis. So, a mixture of doing DVD's at home, taking classes and going to the gym will help me meet that goal.
  3. Cook at least one new dish and one new baked good. I'm so tired of all of the regular dishes I cook, so I'd like to branch out and try a new dish and baked good this month. I've been playing with the idea of becoming a vegetarian in 2010, so I will try to stick to vegetarian or vegan dishes. I'll try another recipe from this book and perhaps look for a good soup recipe.
  4. Contribute to holiday gift fund. As I mentioned in this post, I plan to contribute to my giftfund with my November paychecks.
  5. Learn some Photoshop basics. I plan to spend some time each week playing with Photoshop and looking for online tutorials on the Internet. I saw a few books on Photoshop at the library, so I'll also pick one up on my next visit. Ideally, I'd just take a class but taking on a class right now does not fit into my schedule or my budget. I'm trying to get into the habit of taking photos more because I usually forget about taking photos and then kick myself later for not having photographs of special (and not so special) occasions with family and friends. I also share outfit pictures on fashion communities like wardrobe remix and weardrobe. Since I'm sure everyone is not interested in what I'm wearing on a given day, shoot me an email or comment, and I'll send you a link to my pages on these websites.
  6. Limit Extraneous Spending. I want to spend less this month but not feel like I'm depriving myself at the same time (that's possible right?). I will allow myself to buy food, household items, holiday gifts, and pay for transportation costs around the city and to my hometown (I have to make two trips home this month). Socializing will have to revolve around things that cost little to no money this month. I tend to visit people more instead of going out during this time of the year anyway so this shouldn't be too difficult.
  7. Finalize my Spring 2010 class schedule with my advisor. I've picked my classes, and I'm pretty sure they will get approved by my advisor, but I'll double-check to be on the safe side.

I have the feeling November is going to be a good month!


Juan Thomas said...

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Fell 4 Fashion said...

U are totally motivating me! I need to write down my goals each month!!!

Allie said...

I am in the process of learning Adobe Illustrator and found the Adobe Revealed series to be very helpful. I went from knowing nothing to designing the invitations for my sisters baby shower. P.S. Love your blog

YBP said...

funny, but I noticed you were a fashion writer, I used to write fashion articles for when they first started their women's section in 2004-2005.