Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hesitations in paying for certain things

Attending a recent club party made me realize that at the 'advanced' age of 26, the idea of going to a (dance) club doesn't make me cringe yet, but the idea of paying a lot for one does. I honestly love (almost) any occasion that causes for me to dress up, but paying a lot to 'party' sucks all of the fun out of it for me. My behavior is very different from what I exhibited during and immediately after I graduated from college. Washington, DC, the city I've lived in since graduating is a 'college' town and several of the notable dance clubs here throw huge parties that some celebrities and notable sports athletes attend when they are in town. But attending these parties comes at a steep (to me) price unless you are 'connected' with someone affiliated with the club, are on someone's guest list or take advantage of the incentive many clubs offer of ladies to enter for free or cheaper before a certain time (usually 11:00 p.m.). I think guys get usually get a cheaper price as well, but I'm not sure if it's free.

During my college years I remember spending as much as $40 to enter a club during a special occasions like homecoming season amongst local colleges or graduation season. That entrance fee doesn't even cover your drinks. The fact that I always drink minimal alcohol when I socialize probably meant that I spent less than most but that's still alot! I enjoyed that time in my life, and don't really regret spending that money, because it came with the experience of being that age. But now that I am my mid-twenties and not my early twenties, my priorities have changed and I'm not interested in paying that much money for a club. I'd rather save it or if I spend it, I'd rather have a nice meal, go to a concert or even get a manicure/pedicure than pay for a club. I think most of my friends that went to my university would agree but you couldn't tell us going into whatever parties we paid all of that money to attend wasn't 'important' back then.

Is there anything you hesitant (or unwilling) to pay for as you get older?


Gracey Loo, Money Smart Fashion said...

so true, i hate the idea of spending tons of money to go out and have fun.

SSBF and I love baseball games and the biggest factor that hold us back from going all the time is the cost to attend one game!

Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

@Gracey Loo It's good to know I'm not the only
one : - )

Ann said...

I make it a point never to pay cover charges to get into bars or clubs. It used to not be a big deal to me in college - it was all part of the "experience" back then. But now, it just seems rediculous that you are expected to pay to enter a door when you are about to pay again for drinks!

Sharise said...

LOL! I fully understand the hesitation in paying an entrance fee. Although, I frequent them often I rarely pay to get into clubs/lounges/parties...networking is key (and there are plenty of guestlist).

I found I was spending so much $$ on going out I figured I should get paid to do it...that's why I started bartending. My whole perspective has changed.

Clubbing (partying) in my mid twenties...ONE day this will get old (I hope)...but right now I love dressing up, dancing, and socializing!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I really hate paying for clubs too. My limit is ten bucks. Over that and I am out!

I also refuse to pay to get into places that are typically free. For example, here in Houston back in the day, people used to hang out a mex restaraunt called Chachos. Well Sunday nights started to get popular and they started charging...wait...but if you came in with a family and was a certain didn't get charged.

That's like them charging me to go into Taco Bell...hell naw!

I also am not into paying for my own drinks at a bar...isn't that's why all the guys are there?

Anonymous said...

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