Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Interesting Personal Finance Articles

Here are few recent news articles that I found interesting:

Networth Obsession - I like to see progress in the positive direction on my networth like anyone else, but I don't see the point in getting too 'caught' up in the numbers.

Thinking Outside Rails and Runways, and Taking the Bus - As a frequent Megabus rider, I'm not surprised that bus-riding is catching on among younger (and older) adults. The lower cost of bus travel vs. Amtrak makes traveling along the East coast much easier for me personally.

Credit or Debit? Which Card You Should Use, and When - This is a question I often ask myself when making larger purchases or booking hotel rooms.

Generation Y's Steep Financial Hurdles: Huge Debt, No Savings - Yet another 'downer' article about my generation. This article was even more motivation for me to get my financial act together. There are many Generation Y'ers out there that are fiscally responsible. I chat with quite a few of them on the internet and have met some of them at the two blogger happy hours I've gone to in DC. I hope to meet more like-minded people my age in the future.

Exploiting the New Student-Loan Rules - I don't think I need to take advantage of this option at this time, but it's good to know it exists.

Have any recent news stories or (blog posts) caught your eye recently


me in millions said...

That USA Today article freaked me out.

Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

@me in millions Yeah, it freaked me out too.