Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Travel Plans

I don't plan to do much traveling this summer. I'm planning to take two classes this summer for grad school and am considering taking another non-grad school related class that I think might give me a few useful skills I can use on my job. Because I intend to be pretty busy, my traveling will be relegated to weekends. Here are my tentative travel plans:
  1. Visit family members. I've already purchased airfare to visit my Dad who lives in another state and may also go to at least one family reunion in a near-by city.
  2. Go to a (relatively) near-by beach. I'm hoping to take at least one trip to a near-by beach either in Delaware, Virginia or New Jersey.
  3. Day trip to NYC to visit some musuems or other sightseeing. I've already been to NYC a few times this year to see an excellent show and do some shopping/thrifting, but I'd like to take at least one day-trip via Megabus to see some cultural sights and museums that I have never seen before like The Met and MOMA.
  4. 'Staycation'. I'd like to take advantage of some of the great things going on in my city this summer as well and deviate from my usual routine. I still have to do some research on what I'd do on this staycation.

I still have to set an exact amount I plan to spend on travel this summer, but I don't plan to spend as much as I have during past summers because they included more air travel and hotel stays.

What are your summer travel plans?


Anonymous said...

I am doing the family reunion thing for both my mom & dad's families. A few of my friends and I are going on a cruise.

This is pretty typical for my summer travel. I like the cruise cause it is always less than $1000 for everything. Next year I hope to go on a longer one.

Have a great summer!

Anonymous said...

Travel plans for the summer...
a trip to Santa Barbara
a trip to San Diego

My parents are coming to visit me, so no need to go visit them. I am usually low-key on traveling during the summer, because lots of people travel during the summer. I like to travel winter (cruises) and early spring (other countries) heat and less people!