Thursday, November 5, 2009

About Me Part II

I haven't been tagged for a meme recently, but I thought I'd share a few random facts about me anyway:
  1. My family cat is an emotional eater. When he's been left in the house alone a lot, he gobbles up his food and makes himself sick. His food portions have to be closely monitored.
  2. I have to say the word nosey in my head before saying it out loud because I grew up pronouncing the word "newsy." I'm not sure if that's a family quirk or actually a real word.
  3. I get mistaken for Ethiopian occasionally and have had people come up to me and start speaking to me in what I assume is Amharic several times over the past few years.
  4. I get called 'little lady' occasionally by strangers. I don't take offense because I am literally a 'little lady.' I'm small and short in stature.
  5. I didn't know what a credit score was until my freshman year of college when my roommate (now one of my BFF's) explained it to me. I learned what an IRA was from another friend during my sophomore year. My good friends are always passing along valuable information to me!
  6. I read the wedding announcement feature articles in the style section of the New York Times on Sundays. They are usually well written and I'm a sucker for 'happy endings.'
  7. If I see a piece of clothing that's in what I would consider a reasonable price range, I'll buy it in a heart beat, but cringe at the idea of spending lots of money on restaurants and take-out.
  8. I will never like Go-go music no matter how long I live in DC, though I have respect for it.

Anyone who is reading this can consider themselves tagged!


YBP said...

LOL@ newsy... my students say that all time!!! From the pic on your other blog you do look like you could be Ethiopian or Eritrean. I just became intrigued the by the rapper Wale, always loved Amerie's "this one thing" song, best gogo song I've heard. I do the same thing with the wedding section, and then head right over to the NYT real estate section. I love their neighborhood reviews.

Zofie said...

Ha! I get confused for Ethiopian all the time as well. When I went to Ethiopia, the women would get mad at me for not speaking Amharic to them. They thought I was trying to forget my culture and be American. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Emotional eater.. sounds a lot like me and chocolate.

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