Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Biting the bullet and joining the gym

After going back and forth over this idea for the last few weeks, I’ve decided to join the gym that is across the street from my job. My organization gets a discount which would make the monthly fee about $40. I have never been big on gyms because I really don’t know how to use many of the machines on the rare occasions that I have been to the gym. But I can get a training session on how to use the machines with a personal trainer as apart of the membership. This particular gym offers a variety of classes in yoga, pilates, kickboxing and dancing that I would like to participate in. The gym also has a pool, which I would be able to take advantage of. The close proximity to my job makes it convenient, especially since the cold winter months are right around the corner. The gym is a short Metro ride from my apartment and I can also use facilities in other parts of the city and the gym locations in cities outside of the DC area. Working out is a much healthier and cheaper past time than shopping/going out to eat which I normally do. I've been inspired by Seattle Girl over at Saving Cent to have a six month shopping moratorium starting in January, but I'll have more info on that soon. I plan to work out when I get a shopping urge. I should be really in shape by next summer! If I take four yoga classes in the course of a month at the yoga studio I attend at $10 per class, I've spent just as much as the monthly gym membership and don't get the variety of other types of classes a pool and the work out machines that the gym offers. I'm going to look up the class schedule and see what class I'll take first.


Money Maus said...

YAY! I just joined 24 Hour Fitness and will be taking classes there - kickboxing, pilates, hip hop, yoga, etc. It is across the road from my apartment so, no excuses! Enjoy and keep it up. :)

FruGal said...

I'm going to have to go back to the gym too, now that it's getting dark so early. Although I prefer to excercise outside in the summer, I do end up in great shape over the winter thanks to all the classes (especially spinning - so addictive) that are available at the gym. I hate the cost, but it's that or turn into a couch potato all winter!