Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Thoughts and Goals

Graduate School - The first session of the fall semester is over and I'm once again getting sticker shock from the price of textbooks. Oh well, I will have to get over it because I have to purchase the books to stay on top of my reading and assignments. I am taking two classes this session and have purchased two books and will purchase the other two today. I only have to go to campus one day a week because one class is online, so that will save me a little money on transportation to campus and food to eat before class.

403b Contributions - I have decided to increase my 403b contributions again to the max for me to receive the 5% match my organization offers. I didn't even notice the difference in my take home pay when I made my last increase during the summer, so I don't think this one will make much of a difference either.

Emergency Fund - I plan to add $274 by the end of the year to bring my Emergency Fund total up to $2000. It would be great to add more, but the $274 amount is the minimum. I will soon be making a short term goal amount to get me closer to my $5000 goal.

Travel - I have to pay a deposit for a trip I am taking early next year to Las Vegas. It is $100, so I will pay that with the $100 total in my travel fund and add $25 to that. I won't be adding anymore to my travel fund until next year. I still have to apply/pay for my passport renewal. That goal may have to wait until next month.

Gifts - I still have to come up with an amount that I will spend on holiday gifts...That will most likely come out of my first November pay check.

Discover Card Pay Off - Purchasing textbooks and other unexpected expenses threw my plan out of wack to put $1000 on my Discover Card balance with my extra October paycheck. I made a $500 payment earlier this month - which is still more than I normally make, but I don't think I will have the account paid off until early next year unless I get an unexpected windfall. I am keeping my fingers crossed for an end of the year bonus, but that is never guaranteed.


Money Maus said...

You are still doing great. Good luck with classes! :)