Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What do you get your 89 year old grandfather for his birthday?

A very special person to me, my grandfather was born on this day, 89 years ago. And he is not even the oldest relative I have! I realize that I am blessed to have grandparents that are still living, because several people I know even at my relatively young age, didn't grow up close to their grandparents, let alone enjoy a relationship with them into adulthood. I have learned alot from both of them. They have taken to some frugal and lifestyle habits for decades that I hope to one day master like: maintaining a vegetable garden, being able to fix just about any household applicance or problem you can think of, eating most of their meals at home, exercising on a regular basis to combat old-age ailments, and more. One questions comes to mind as I wish him a happy birthday is: What do you get your 89 year old grandfather for his birthday? He has gadgets, wallets, ties, sweaters, tv's...the list could go on. So I'd rather him have either a memento or an experience that will be more meaningful than yet another money clip. So here are my ideas:
  1. Cook him a meal.
  2. Watch football with him this weekend.
  3. Frame a picture of us.
That's what I've got so far...but I'll think about it a little more. Any suggestions?


Julianna Pullette said...

I have a pair of elderly grandparents as well, they are at that age where they have decided they don't want anything, which makes present shoppin g difficult. What works for me is to give them a voucher for a hardcore errand, like mowing or something that they might have a hard time doing themselves.
Good luck!

Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

That's a great idea Julianna!