Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On the Cheap: Thinking Like a Student

This recent New York Times series has me inspired to make some inexpensive changes to my apartment decor. For one, I have a stool I've had since college and a chair that I found on a side walk in my neighborhood several months ago that I want to repaint. I also decided that instead of buying more pillows for my chair and bed, that I should start looking for fabric (or even clothing I no longer wear but like the fabric?) and try making my own. My very rudimentary sewing skills should be able to handle that. I'd like to eventually get a few shelves, but I'm not really handy enough (yet) to make my own, so I will probably look for some at Ikea. I plan to ask for an Ikea giftcard for Christmas. I've been meaning to start checking Craigs List for a file cabinet for my financial papers and school work which are taking over my small time like the present. I look forward to the day when I'll be a homeowner and can paint my walls. I could technically paint them now and repaint them back whenever I move, but I just think that's a waste of money though it would look nice.

Do you have any inexpensive home/apartment decorating ideas you have or plan to implement?


Money Maus said...

I like your ideas! My Mom is an amazing seamstress, so she always makes curtains for my apartment. She suggested to one of my roommates to try using foam and covering it with fabric to create a pillow for the window seat. :)