Monday, January 12, 2009

Can Adopting a Pet Fit in My Budget?

I have been strongly considering adopting a kitten at some point this year. I think I would enjoy having a pet and cats are independent enough that having one wouldn't impede on my work schedule or social life unlike other types of pets like dogs as much as I love them. But I keep thinking about how like a person, pets come with unexpected costs and could throw a monkey wrench in my budget.

There are upstart costs to consider like a litter box, toys, scratching post, cat brush, initial vet visit, room deodorizer (because I can't stand walking into someone's house and you can smell the cat before you see it!), food & water bowls...I'm sure there are more but that is what comes to mind at the moment. There are also fixed regular costs like food, kitty litter, boarding (if I go out of town for vacations) and vet visits. If my future cat were to have health problems, which usually come with age, those would have to be factored in also. Hmm much to consider. Maybe I should start a pet fund and reevaluate my budget in a few months? I REALLY want to eliminate as much credit card debt as possible this year, can I do this and afford a pet?

Any thoughts from those that have pets? Has having a pet gotten in the way of sticking to a budget?



MMY said...

If you think you can afford to care for a pet, you can adopt one for free on January 24 by going to a shelter participating in Change a Pet's Life Day. Go to and you can search to find a participating shelter in your area. There is one in DC. Since adoptions fees generally run $100 and up, this is a significant savings.

mapgirl said...

Would you like a free spayed cat? Boyfriend and I found one. She's very sweet. She's not a kitten, but she is small and she loves people. (We can't keep her for much longer because I am allergic.) I can send you pics if you like.

FruGal said...

I really want to get a cat too! But unfortuantely we are going to wait until we move into a flat with outdoor space next year (I'm not big on kitty litter!)

Cost is also a big thing. For us it would be having to pay to board it every time we went on holiday. And that could get pricey! But I still want one next year. My fiance travels a lot for work and it would be nice to have the company while I'm home alone :)