Thursday, January 29, 2009


I realize that I let the whole month of January go by without setting monthly goals and that is probably part of the reason why I have been so unproductive this month. Let's see what's on my list:

~My class (only taking one at the moment) is now underway and though we have not had any assignments or exams yet they are coming soon, so I need to hit the books hard Any Microeconomics wizards out there?...I could use some tutoring.

~I have the goal of starting to do some freelance writing to bring in extra income but have not done anything toward that goal this month.

~The non profit could use some fundraising efforts such as grant research and writing.

~Haven't been to the gym since early January...There are other things but I will stop here.

On a positive note, I am still tracking my spending daily and am holding up on maintaining the shopping moratorium. I was however forced to purchase a heavier winter coat early this month because the one I had wouldn't cut it when we got that cold snap around the first of the year in the DC area. I only paid $32 for a wool black pea coat in Macy's. Since that was a necessary purchase I won't beat myself up over it too much. My cute but relatively light coat from H&M was not cutting in in this cold weather.

I will spend the next day or so formulating (personal and financial) goals for the month of February.


FruGal said...

Hey, just found your blog through Twitter. I'm definitely going to keep reading! Good luck with your goals for the coming month. Better late than never! :)