Friday, January 9, 2009

Tuition Refund Check Will Pad My Emergency Fund

I expect to get a refund check for my two spring semester classes sometime after my class starts next week. I was initially going to take two classes per session, but decided to only take one class per session, hence the refund. It should be a little over $2,000. I was going to use this money to purchase a laptop, which is technically an education related expense, because my instructors/professors do sometimes email me (mainly about class cancellations and reading assignments). I also need to be able to check my student account via the school's website. I REALLY want a Macbook. But, I have decided that I will put $2,000 in my emergency fund and hold on to my ancient laptop a while longer. Any money leftover after applying $2,000 to my emergency fund will go toward my credit card balance, so I will have an extra payment this month.


YBP said...

im doing the same thing!!!! Go Small Budget

Money Maus said...

Way to go!! That will give your emergency fund a nice boost for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

Wise decision.