Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Need To Be More Aggressive With Paying Off My Debt

I have admittedly been a little lax with paying down my debt and controlling my spending over the last few weeks. I definitely need to tighten up my budget because my budget busters have been getting to me (clothes and shoes). I had a graduation to attend last weekend and another this weekend and had slim clothing options…so I bought a new dress last week and another this week. I also did purchase an iPod with money I received from an unexpected windfall; the iPod I once had has been broken beyond repair for a minute. I rationalized that purchase by telling myself that I do spend a lot of time in transit (hey, I’m human!).

But I am resolved to get back on the frugal wagon and tighten up my spending again. There will be some unavoidable expenses coming up though: Mother’s Day gifts (this week), train or bus rides home (next month), booking travel for my trip to Florida (August) and other events I’m sure will pop up when the summer starts officially.

During the upcoming weeks: I will resist the temptation of surfing iTunes for more music for my iPod, I will stay away from bookstores and get books from the library instead, I will go grocery shopping more regularly to prevent overspending money on food while out in the street and I will avoid ordering movies On Demand and find something else to entertain me on the weekends that won’t cost money. I will also create a new budget and stick to it.

It’s not always easy making responsible decisions….but I hope to see the difference in my bank account soon and make progress on paying down my debt.


Moneymonk said...

"I will resist the temptation of surfing iTunes for more music for my iPod" aha you're weak., lol

You are a typical American, having debt is so normal in this country

Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

I am still weak, but I am getting stronger in my resolve to pay off my debt everyday :- )