Thursday, May 1, 2008

Is Steve & Barry's the Answer to Fashionable Outfits on a Budget?

In the Style section of the New York Times, the article,:Is This the World’s Cheapest Dress? stated that:

"Steve & Barry’s, for the uninitiated, is to fashion what Tower once was to music. Steve & Barry’s is manna, a store that sells stylish celebrity-branded clothes at prices that are absurdly inexpensive, lower than those at Old Navy, H & M or Forever 21, undercutting even Wal-Mart by as much as half."
I will definitely check out the closest Steve & Barry's to inexpensively add to my summer wardrobe. This trench coat from Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line is cute and very affordable.
(Photos from the Steven & Barry's and Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten websites)


Moneymonk said...

with my luck, I will get there and they will not have my size, lol