Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Wardrobe Additions That Fit My Budget

Though it is a pretty dreary day here in DC, the warm summer weather will soon be here for good. In a perfect world, I would be able to shop until my heart’s content and have no regard for things like budgeting and living within my means. After all, I do want to be as fabulous as Kimora Lee Simmons when I ‘grow-up.’ But alas, I am not independently wealthy or heir to a minor principality, so I have to be very choosey with my summer wardrobe additions so I won't bust my budget.
Before I tell you what I will spend my money on in preparation for the sunny weather, I’ll tell you what I won’t be buying because these items are already sitting in my closet in good condition:

  • Dressy’ dresses, skirts, halter tops. I recently purchased two dresses from Zara that I wore to graduations I attended this spring that will carry me through any occasions that require more than just casual attire. I also tend to gravitate toward skirts and halters in warm weather, so there is no need to buy those either because I already have several.
  • Bathing suits. I have three bathing suits from previous summers that are in good condition that will carry me through any outings that require them. I rarely go swimming thats even more reason why I have no reason to purchase swimwear.
  • Sunglasses. I have a pair I purchased from H&M a while ago that are still in pretty good condition. I will only replace them if they break somehow between now and the end of the summer.
  • Handbags and clutches. I have several bags in varying sizes and color, so no bags for me.

Now here are the items that are on my wish list:

  • Casual summer dress: This dress can be worn to cook-outs, walks along the National Mall to Museums (I live in DC), dinner with friends or movie date with your special someone. Simple dresses in bright colors like these can be dressed up or dressed down depending on accessory choices.
  • Long Shorts (City Shorts): I like a longer pair of shorts can be worn on a casual Friday at work and may be a good choice if you are in a heavily air conditioned restaurant or other in-door activity. This style of shorts is also universally flattering on tall and short figures. Even short petite people like me can wear them and not look like juvenile like some shorter shorts can look if not accessorized the right way. I had a really cute pair of longer shorts in white, but while at club last summer some ‘nice’ gentleman bumped into me and spilled a beer all over the front of them, the stain never did come up…so they will have to be replaced. The guy was apologetic and I did get a free drink out of it, but I’d rather have my shorts back…
  • Shorter Shorts. A pair of shorts in a solid neutral color such as white, khaki will also take you many summer beach trips and other outings. A cute black pair can even be worn to the club with some nice heels and a halter. Other short options include a madras print or denim. Shorts are on my list because I haven’t bought a pair in years as I normally stick to skirts and dresses, but I’d like to change it up this summer.
  • Neutral Colored wedge. A wedge in a neutral color is more useful and will get more wear than a cute pair in a really distinctive color that will only work with a few outfits.
  • Cute flats in a bright color: These come in handy when you regularly do a lot of walking like I do. I’d also get a pair of black shoes like the ones below to wear to work. Gas prices are so high these days, I’m sure I’ll see other people taking advantage of warmer weather and walking and using public transportation instead of driving.
  • Colorful Tanks: Colorful tanks can be worn with jeans, shorts or skirts. I always tend to have more bottoms, that summer tops, so a couple of tanks are the last item on my list.
A wish list is just that: wishful thinking. I won’t necessarily get everything on my wish list (I could go on and on)…but I can daydream about the items I don’t purchase. Sometimes striving to be a fiscally responsible grow-up sucks. Okay, I’ll stop wishing for new clothing and do something more productive now.