Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Leaving your cell phone at home when traveling can save you money

I left my cell phone in my apartment by accident when I was rushing to catch a bus to Philly for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. I changed purses at the last minute and just forgot it. I planned to try to meet up with some of my friends during the weekend. But during this age of cell phones, I didn’t have my numbers written anywhere else. Ugh! I’ve learned my lesson and plan to work on that this week. In high school, I used to memorize numbers I called frequently because I didn’t have a cell phone. Oh, how times change. My network of people is also a little more varied/larger than it was back then and people often have multiple numbers (cell, work, landline, etc.) at which they can be reached. But I should still get back in the habit of memorizing numbers.

It wasn’t the end of the world, but I admit, I was slightly disappointed. The good thing is I spent much less money than I probably would have if I had been able to call my friends and make plans because most social activities (meals, movies, drinks, concerts, shopping, etc.) cost money. So while I didn’t see any of my friends I also didn’t spend that much money and I did spend time with some of my family members. Family is important also and I value my time with them. I try to make time for family and friends during my trips to Philly, but it’s sometimes difficult with no ride. I actually enjoyed my weekend and didn’t feel torn between choosing what to do with my time.

I am still looking for ways to trim the fat on my spending and taking the bus instead of Amtrak on my trips home is the way I will have to go. I don’t currently have a car and I explained my reasons for not yet having one in the post: http://smallbudgetbigstyle.blogspot.com/search/label/Car. I strongly dislike taking the bus. But I love the price. I will take the bus at least one-way to save money on my trips to Philly this summer. I’d also like to take at least one day trip to New York, so the bus is the way I will get there if I can make that happen.

Are you looking for ways to cut costs this summer?


Nira said...

Girl, you better take those chinatown buses. They won't greet you with a smile but the price is right.