Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What I'm Reading

I am an avid reader and always have been. Books are a great way to learn more information about an unfamiliar subject. So if I want to learn more about personal finance, I should be reading books related to that subject right? Right! So here is the first book I will tackle. I will tell you my overall impression after I finish it. This book is in its second edition and I'd rather do a full blown review of a book people might not be familiar with. But I hope to draw inspiration from it for future posts. Stay tuned for the book reviews that I will start doing at a later date.


Lady Dove said...

Dear Small Budget Big Style Chick: Thanks for providing all this info on money! Suze Orman also has a series of books on personal finance. I am sure you are familiar with her because she has a huge media presence. You might want to make mention of some of her ideas about money in you blog.

And don't forget about Washington Post Columnist Michelle Singletary. She gives out a lot of sound common sense advice in her books and articles. Maybe a few quotes here and there would help keep us personal finance blog-readers motivated and inspired to stay on our budgets.
Lady Dove