Thursday, May 22, 2008

Revisiting the budget

There was one key aspect of my budget that I overlooked...tithing and charitable giving. Oops. I know I could give more if I factored it into my budget. My tithing and charitable giving is pretty haphazard, but I will do better in the future with that. My charitable giving for at least the next several months will consist of donating money to the non-profit organization I volunteer for. I will evaluate other organization's I want to give money to at a later date.

For now, I will designate 50% of my side-gig income (which was not factored into my budget on purpose)for charitable giving. The other %50 of my side-gig income will have to get thrown toward paying down debt faster. My credit card balances have been woefully creeping up this month. I paid for travel for a trip out of town for my job which I will be reimbursed for soon. I also recently paid for airfare for a family trip to Florida in August. I need to make some more progress on that front this summer. After I monitor my spending for the next month or so, I will probably tweak my budget a little more.

Do you calculate tithing or charitable giving into your budget?