Monday, August 4, 2008

Goals for the month of August

My goals for the month are as follows:

  1. Stick to an exercise schedule (crunches everday, exercise dvd's three times a week, dance class at least twice this month)
  2. Modify monthly budget
  3. Transfer my phone to my name from Dad's and start paying my own bill :- (
  4. Get EF over $1,000
  5. Start a Roth IRA lump sum fund (sub ING account).
  6. Finish one short story
  7. Complete one graduate school application
  8. Attend at least one (career or business) networking event
  9. Attend the next Meet-up that Ginger at Girls Just Wanna Have Funds has because I have missed all of them so far due to schedule concflicts

Let's face it, I do better with tangible goals and belive my lack of progress this summer on all fronts (financially and otherwise) has been because I haven't taken the time to write my goals down. I've thought about them plenty, but actually writing them down is a different story. So I am remedying this now though the month has already started and will check back in September to see if I was able to cross everything off my goal list. Saving for retirement takes precedence over saving for a car since I don't really need one to maintain my current liftstyle. Instead of going to my car fund, my non-EF savings will go toward the lump amount of $3000 I will need to open up my Roth IRA (Vanguard?), a goal I'd like to achieve by March 2009.


Money Maus said...

I am also saving up for a lump-sum Roth IRA with my ING account! I most likely won't make it to my goal by December, but I should be receiving a bonus and thus will put some of that money towards it. Good luck! I like your goals :) Wish I could attend a Meet-Up, that sounds like a blast.

YBP said...

You know with TRowe Price and Fidelity you don't have to save up the lump sum before you open a Roth IRA. You can have monthly contributions taken out of your checking account every time you get paid. Thats what I do. At least you know that the money is going there and you are taking advantage of the dollar cost averaging. Think about it.