Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend Spending

The week has already started, but I still wanted to do an update of my weekend spending. I need to stop making end of the week/weekend trips to Starbucks, it's starting to add up. I know better. I also know that H&M is a weakness of mine as there are so many cute fall clothing and shoes there. I will avoid H&M and other stores that tempt me until I save a little money to buy a few fall clothing staples in September. I realize, that my schedule won't allow me to keep my side-gig at the retail store much longer. The extra money was nice, but I don't want to stretch myself too thin. On a good note, I should have plenty of no-spend days this fall since I am embarking on graduate school and will have to study/do assignments in my spare time.

~Starbucks - $7.04
~Lunch - $7.69
~Cab ride - $12.00
~Metro Smart Trip Card- $5.00

~Starbucks - 3.85
~Harris Teeter - $61.56
~Snack - $2.88

~H&M (purple pumps) - $36.91
~Movies - $8.50
~Lunch - $7.00

TOTAL: 152. 43


Money Maus said...

Haha, I have a love/hate relationship with weekends because it means I have so much time to SPEND all my hard-earned money! But yay for shopping. Sometimes you just have to give in :)

J. Money said...

I'm with money maus! Spend the week saving and earning money, then reward yourself on the weekends ;) It looks like you got good stuff w/ your money though, so it's not like you are crazy spending anywhere..

OH, and you in DC too! I just realized that (i'm a bit slow). I'm a DC'r as well....but unfortunately put way more that $5 on my metro card ...but that's life, eh?

(btw, every now and then a few of us bloggers get together and meet up for happy hour or something. if you're interested, holler and i'll let you know when the next one is)