Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Spending

I very rarely buy lunch on weekday's but I treated my co-worker to lunch on Friday because it was her last day in the office before her maternity leave started. Taking my lunch to work is one habit that is easy to implement because I normally just take leftovers from the night before. This summer, during my monthly trips to Philly, I have been taking the China town bus one way and then taking the train back. I find that Amtrak tickets are cheaper when you leave Monday mornings rather than Sunday evenings, so because its only a two hour train ride to DC from Philly, I just leave at 6 a.m. on Mondays and go straight to work from the train station. It's tough getting up before 5a.m., but I get to sleep on the train ride back to DC. The cheaper ticket price is worth it.

I saw this really cute dress at this store I like on South Street in Philly called Guacamole. But it couldn't have been worn much after the early fall because of its light weight material, which my friend wisely pointed out. It's a little silly to buy any more summer clothing especially since the weather forecasters project it to be a cold winter. I will buy a few fall items and will make a list of what fall wardrobe additions I will make later this week.

Coffee - $3.15
Lunch - $22.69

Hash Browns and Coffee - $4.60
China town bus ticket -$15.00
Dinner - $21.95

Snack, etc. - $17.00
Amtrak ticket - $44.00

TOTAL: $128.39


YBP said...

its funny I was thinking how I also need to update my fall wardrobe..What are the must have's that you think people like us (20 something professionals) should have in their closet?

Money Maus said...

Mmm hash browns sound delicious! Your idea of taking an early-morning (cheap) train is great. Good for you :)