Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Spending

I enjoyed my week in Florida and as I suspected, I spent very little money except for on food and a pair of black Jessica Simpson wedges I found on sale at Dillards. I really like Dillards, too bad we don't have that department store in the DC area.

I guess I'm not too old to be treated to dinner by my Dad because he frowned at me when I offered to pay for dinner when we went out during the week. But I am too old for him to still pay my cell phone bill, so I am am now officially off of my Dad and Stepmom's family plan and will be paying my own cell phone bill from now on. I made a small payment on my Discover card and will make a larger payment when I get paid on the 15th.


$34 - Discover card minimum payment

$10 - disappointing airport pizza and bottle of water
$13 - novel from airport newstand for flight


Money Maus said...

I own a pair of black Jessica Simpson wedges, too! So comfy :) Good job on your spending - and I love it when parents pay for dinner, too!